Biopsychosocial Interview Essay

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My group’s category was the school aged child. We interviewed a 10 years old girl, named
Miss Ng. In this essay, I will be covering about her physical, cognitive, psychological and moral development stages, myopia, and factors that will affect my clients’ wellbeing.

Let me give a brief introduction of my client. She is primary 4 and her favourite hobbies are playing the computer games, dancing and doing sports. She lives with her parents, grandparents, younger sister and a maid at a 4 room HDB flat. Both her parents are working and they are financially stable. It is essential for the family to be aware of Ng’s development stages as they have to know that she is growing up well and not with any obstructions.

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Our client is very active and outgoing, hence she chose dancing as her CCA and does participate on sports events and has won several trophies, hence her fine motor skills are normal and working well. According to the Piaget theory of cognitive theory chart, she falls under the cornet concrete operational stage where she is able to do logical thinking, recognise the conversation of mass, numbers and weight and is able classify objects, things according to its characteristics (WebMD, 2005)
. They start to do logical thinking and are able to differentiate what is right and what is wrong. We asked our client whether she would take drugs if her friends persuaded her and her answer was that she would not as it is very bad for health.

Regarding her psychological and moral development, we asked our client who she would rescue if there was a fire in the house and she alone with her younger sister and she answered us back saying that she would take her younger sister first followed by her favourite teddy bear. She does not have that much close friends in her school and hangs out with whoever she sees or sometimes choose to eat alone. But she implies that she doesn’t mind being

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