Psychology Of Bullying Research Paper

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Throughout all my years in high school, bullying was a major issue. From physical fights to cyber threats, bullying comes in all shapes and sizes. Various questions can be raised regarding how to punish a bully when the only evidence is what the victim is describing. Are schools doing the most they can to prevent bullying? Why is the victim of a fight being punished in the same way as the bully? Although there have been many attempts to lessen the effects of bullying, there is still more to be done including: spreading awareness to the workplace and college campuses, finding different ways to help the people affected by bullying, and to find a different outlook when it comes to understanding the bully and their motives. Throughout the U.S, many schools have incorporated bullying awareness campaigns into the everyday student’s life but how effective are they? Teachers are practically on the front lines when it comes to suspecting, recognizing, and putting a stop to bullying within the classroom. “Teacher’s attitudes and beliefs about bullying by students makes them apply different management strategies” (Vahedi) This quote directly explains that if a teacher doesn’t hold strong beliefs about bullying, they will not interfere with the…show more content…
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