Psychology : Psychology And Psychology

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Psychology to me is meant to help people understand the complexity of other human beings. We have established the existence of many disorders which are mainly beyond the control of people because of chemical imbalances in the brain. Although with these reasons, we still have attached negative and positive connotations to many disorders. We have created this concept of psychology in order to help us try to find some sense of order in our lives. This can allow us to try rank ourselves next to another person by seeing if we are more normal than them. However, this is my first psychology class and I know nothing about psychology. I only thought psychology was crazy, mental disorders until I heard you in class talking about different branches. I found that to be very interesting, but I also believe that it takes a very unique person to study psychology and become a psychologist. They need to be a “people-person” since it has a lot to do with one on one interactions. On the other hand, they also need to keep at a distance because the person is their client and not their friend. I just find it very fascinating, but I do not think that I could ever do it because I would not be able to detach myself. I would feel the need to try to fix everything wrong in a person’s life, instead of helping them overcome it. I also don’t think that a psychologist would work for me because I am a very closed person. I would not be able to open up to a complete stranger; I hardly open up to the
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