Psychology for social care practice Essay

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Psychology for Social Care Practice (DH3M34) Assessment 2 Case Study (LO.2 and LO.3) In this assessment I am going to be writing a case study on Rose. Rose is the youngest of five children, she has one sister and three brothers. Rose has been diagnosed with a rare chromosome deletion on her 22nd chromosome, it is called 22q13 deletion syndrome also known as Phelan Mcdermid syndrome after the doctors Katy Phelan and Heather Mcdermid who first discovered this syndrome whilst studying chromosome 22 and the effect that deletions and mutations has on individuals in the early 1990's the first person diagnosed was in 1996, currently there are only approximately one thousand people around the world diagnosed, and only one hundred…show more content…
Rose is behind for her age in her learning by about 3 years in my opinion, she is still struggling with learning to read, write and count. Although Rose has autism she is a friendly and sociable little girl. In my opinion this has been nurtured within her home background as she has the older siblings from whom she has benefited being around, and having four siblings it has been a busy household in terms of Rose being exposed to meeting new people, although as her siblings are all older than her by a number of years Rose is more comfortable around older people than she is within her own peer age groups, causing Rose to have some difficulties in forming friendships with other children her own age. One of the physiological theories that would apply to Rose would be Maslow's hierarchy of needs for Rose to be able to develop to her full potential. This would include her basic physiological needs being met, for example Rose will need to have activities incorporated into her day to help build her muscle strength but equally she needs to have plenty of rest so as not to suffer with fatigue. She needs guidance in her safety needs as she is not able to to make safe choices yet for example when it would be safe to cross the road or when it is appropriate and to which adults to show affection, these would be taking care of her psychological and physical
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