Essay on Psychology in 2008

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Psychology in 2008

“The roots of psychology can be traced back through centuries. Cave men and cave women probably wondered why each behaved as they did. Since at least the time of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle in ancient Greece, psychological topics have inspired lively curiosity” (Bernstein, 6). In 1879, founded by Wilhelm Wundt the science of psychology was born. Since then psychology has been and always will be an ever-growing scientific field.
In a field that focuses around human thought processes and behavior there will always be opportunities available and as long as there is human consciousness the world will need psychologists. Psychology offers so many different opportunities to someone interested in pursuing a career …show more content…

Businesses will begin to hire more psychologists, as well. And business will not only continue to use the skills of a psychologist to examine research and statistical information about the market, they will also begin to hire psychologists for the sole purpose of helping their employees deal with personal issues that may interfere with productivity. Clinical aspects of psychology will also open doors for prospective practitioners. Mental health clinics are always in need of professionals. With the rising trend of substance abuse and the never ceasing existence of mental illness, outpatient services in hospitals and drug abuse clinics will account for most of in-field growth (BLS, 152). In many hospitals, the number of patients greatly outweighs the number of psychologist, which leads to insufficient or improper care of patients. With drug abuse, patients need just as much and sometimes even more attention then those who are mentally ill. Rehabilitation requires more than just abstaining from using a substance, many times it takes years and years of counseling to prevent a relapse from occurring. Psychologists help with rehabilitation by assisting the patient in finding out their motives for using and abusing substances in the first place.
Those holding a masters degree can find openings that involve non-clinical aspects of the field. In the industrial-organizational field jobs with big

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