Public Art in the United Arab Emirates

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Public art is the art that has been planned to of being staged in public and its usually outdoor, it can be carved sculpture, cast or built or painted. What’s special about public art is the way how it is made, the place where it is and what meaning it has behind it. Public art can express community value or describe a cultural related point, and its placed in public for everyone to see. Public art is a reflection of how the artist sees the world and response to his time and space. In this essay, I want to review about how the public art reflects the traditional culture.

As an example of public art in the UAE, is the camel caravan. It is a sculpture of a camel that is painted with colorful different shapes. There is several camels caravan located around the place, and each of them has a different unique style. I believe that public art should be reflective of traditional culture. The camel caravan also has a reflection on the cultural side that camels are very common and a known animal in the UAE. Public art strategies help to uncover and enhance the implied identity, the value, the unique meaning and the character of the social and physical form of a community or a society, the community’s character and sense of space reflects this identity. The person’s sense of space always develops over time while reflecting the shade of his social values around and within the community. The character of a community will be reflected by its cultural narrative space of a place. The

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