Public Manager 's Morals And Values

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The 150 residents of Babcock Place are senior citizens who have gone to the city council to request that a crosswalk of Constitution Avenue. Constitution Avenue is a four lane thoroughfare that leads to the downtown district. The council asked the city planning department to send out an engineer to determine if there was truly a need for a crosswalk. The engineer determined that there was no need for a crosswalk, which upset the residents of Babcock Place along with the Neighborhood Association that supported the residents. The council members were left to determine what measures should be taken next, if any. This paper will look at how the residents of Babcock Place and the city planning department can have influence over the city council’s decision. Also, the paper will address how a public manager’s morals and values can have a direct influence over their decision making process.

Babcock Place Residents

Babcock Place is an apartment building that offers subsidized rent 150 senior citizens. Babcock Place looks directly out to Constitution Avenue, which is a major thoroughfare. Senior citizens residing at Babcock Place would like to be able to cross the street safely. Unfortunately, this is not easy without a crosswalk. Residents of Babcock Place have reported numerous instances where their friends and neighbors have had a very hard time crossing Constitution Avenue. The reason many of them chose the area is that it is predominantly all residential and it is close to…
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