Public Policy For Social Welfare

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5. This statement means that often time certain -isms, like racism, play a part in deciding what services a family receives. As well, public policy plays a crucial role, such as the case with the increase privatization of social welfare like the Temporary Assistance to Needy Families. In addition, more conservative political leaders want minimal government involvement, thus support a decrease in federal funding for different social welfare programs that benefit at-risk, poorer families. All of the social welfare services require money, thus there needs to be political leaders who wish to support the funding of these organizations. 6. The cycle of abuse may continue without intervention because they child will not learn that it is not okay to be treated in such a manner. As well, they may lack the necessary skills to deal with an abusive situation or resources to prevent it. Without an intervention, children may also not know how or who to seek help from. Since this behavior maybe the what the child is used to, without intervention, they will just continue to experience maltreatment without question. 7. In my version of the text, edition four, it does not have a Continuum of Care section in the Family and Children’s Services chapter. Therefore, I will be assessing this question using the Services and Their Providers section which discusses in-home and out-of-home services. In regards to in-home services, I believe that protective services would be the most beneficial in the
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