Purchase Intentions And Motives Of A Casino

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Purchase Intentions and Casino Motivations There is empirical evidence in the research that suggest the purchase intentions and motivations of a casino customer are through customer involvement. Brewer and Petrillose (2012) states, “By just simply offering the best products, services, or prices alone may not be enough ensure loyalty within a customers.” Customer involvement predicts whether consumers will purchase a good and what good they will decide to purchase (Park, Lee, & Han, 2007, p. 126). With the growing casino market in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, it is important to discuss what motivational items enhances the gaming experience of customers to keep them satisfied with gaming services. Richard and Adrian (1997) suggested that casino…show more content…
They discovered there are nine features that affect gambler decision based on their decision toward gambling involvement which are: Theme, décor, noise level, color, ceiling, light, temperature, floor layout and smell. These findings coincided with research conducted by Mayer and Johnson (2003) found that customers perceive that floor layout and theme are two important factors that affect customer’s satisfaction. When relating the atmosphere of the casino to the customer satisfaction, casinos objectives should be on developing an atmosphere that influences a player’s perception on the overall experience of the casino (Johnson, 2002). Johnson (2002) found that individuals that visit casinos are concerned about their surroundings while they gamble. Thus, it is important to that casinos are creating a suitable atmosphere on the gaming floor for customers because it may initially affect satisfaction. Promotions Complimentary services or comps are services offered by a casino to attract more customers. Comps are given to customers from the casino to compensate them for their business. Suh and Tanford (2012) suggest that casinos give comps to lure customers to gamble and to encourage loyalty among players. The casino comps include free gaming play, free food, free drinks, concerts, and shopping sprees. Hard Rock Hotel and MGM Resorts International in Las Vegas, have recently expanded there complimentary items to allow customers to
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