Pursuing A Career In Athletic Training

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This source touches on every aspect of a career in athletic training. It describes what exactly a career entails, the work environment, the process of becoming one, and the outlook for oncoming generations aiming to become athletic trainers by discussing pay and availability. It relates that a job in this career is growing faster than any other occupation and will most likely only increase as time goes on. This source drew my attention because of the large span of information it provides. By providing multiple complexities regarding athletic training careers, it is the best source for me to decide if I want to pursue this career or not. This source is overall expository as it is describing all aspects of the career, but in portions it is analytical because breaks down the complex components of data and demonstrates how they apply to the individual. It will be valuable to someone interested in becoming an athletic trainer as it will help the prospective trainer to decide whether or not the job is for them, and if it is for them, what specific industry they want to enter into based on their goal pay and work environment.

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