Qualitative Ethology

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Describe the characteristics of the research that provide evidence that either an ethnographic or case study approach was used.

The study of ethnography is based on learning and understanding a specific group and investigating a particular problem that they maybe facing (Capella University, 2017a). Within the qualitative ethnographic study of Shepard (2013), the author really takes a look at a organizational group of workers and the stress that they experience within this field. For example, Shepard (2013) looks at health care, harm reduction, and human services workers and the traumatic stress that they experience working with the pain and struggles of their clients. Within the human services field, workers can deal worth homelessness, drug uses, and people diagnosed with terminal illnesses. Shepard (2013) uses this study to review the lives of these types of workers who have died due to the stress and poses the question of “How we can create a culture of wellness, pleasure, care, and support in the fields of harm reduction and human services.” (p. 3).

Identify the key phenomena under investigation.

The phenomena under investigation is the range of stress that harm reduction, health care, and human services workers deal with on a day to day basis within the field of their work. For instance, Shepard (2013) reviews the various types of stress, such as post traumatic stress, vicarious stress, and burnout. This study tapes into these workers lives who coped with this

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