Qualitative Research Assignment

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The difference between three similar products can be seen much more noticeably when the items are being presented in front of human eyes. For instance, take a blindfold and put it over the eyes of any individual, then ask them if the differences of the items stands out as well as they would’ve without the blindfold on. For this project I decided to try to find not only the differences of taste, but also smell, touch and quality. When purchasing the three different brands of gluten-free chocolate cupcakes consisting of similar ingredients, yet still divergent, this created a challenge being the brands I looked for mostly did not contain gluten free ingredients. The brands chosen were Pillsbury (costing around $6), Betty Crocker ($6) and Simple Mills ($8). With no biases being present, since I do not consume any of the brands on a daily basis, nor do I know much about the quality of the three products; it made for a fun educational assignment.

First I will start my research summary by elaborating on the three brands and their nutrition facts. Shown above are the main nutrition facts for each of the products. When taking a look at the nutrition chart above it is clear to assume that Betty
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When baking the different cupcakes it was challenging to keep each cupcake consistent and just as fresh as the next. To solve this issue I decided to bake four cupcakes of each brand per row consisting of 12 cupcakes in total. While using the same baking sheets and filling each slot as evenly as possible I felt the rows to be consistent. After adding the mixture to the remaining rows, I then placed the single 12 row pan into the center rack of the oven baking all 12 cupcakes at 350 degrees. Total baking time was set to 20 minutes producing an accommodating time to the different brands and what the recommendation time was said to
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