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Running head: Qualitative Research Critique

Qualitative Research Critique: Retrospective Perception of Difficult Communication
Wene Mawalla
Brock University

The article “Patient Real time and 12 month retrospective perception of difficult communication in the cancer diagnostic period” is written by Throne, S., Armstrong, E., Harris, S.R., Hislop, G., Kim-Sing, C., Oglov, J.L., Oliffe, J.L., & Stajduhar, K.L. through a naturalist setting. This article will attempt to give a systematic while subjective research method used to portray and give meaning to experiences. This article will be reviewed based on plausibility, the trustworthiness, and its significant to to future and current nursing theory or practice.
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The method used to collect data was congruent to the identified research tradition. In their methods they conducted interview and asked questions pertaining to the client’s communication experience. This form of question and answer allows the investigator to explore different lived experiences, following the previous set or research tradition. An adequate amount of time was spent on time in the field, at least 2 years to determine how communication needs and preferences changed across their cancer trajectory. I feel that this amount of time was sufficient because they were only seeking information for a certain time frame in the trajectory. It would have been interesting though to add what previous literature has uncovered about communication needs further down the road then cancer diagnosis.
This study did not all unfold in the field. For continuation of the interviews they were asked questions through face to face or telephone calls depending on the participant’s convenience. This method still allowed the researcher to capitalize on any new or early understanding. It gives the researcher flexibility in asking questions to continue on the path that the participants take them in. The research does not show any evidence of reflexivity. The contact number was adequate to understand the phenomena.
Sample and setting The population was adequately

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