Qualitative Research Within The Criminal Justice Field

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A article, which could complements this current course, could be Using Agenda for Qualitative Data Analysis, by Terance Wolfe. The pages, which would complement the class, are pages 261 through page 274. This could be useful for the class because it goes more into details on how to use Qualitative Analysis in the field through the use of agenda. Not only can it be use to better understand qualitative analysis but it is another aspect of understand how to conduct a qualitative research within the Criminal Justice field. This journal has four objectives, “…briefly reviews the current state of qualitative data analysis… overview of the structure of the agenda programs… the relationship between agenda’s capabilities and the tasks of qualitative analysis… summarizes the strengths and limitations of agenda for qualitative date analysis,” (Wolfe, page 261). From the four objectives Mr. Wolfe goes into details about how there is different stages of the qualitative research, which still needs to be expand upon for better understanding. These four objectives lead into the next half of the article, which understands what AGENDA is and evaluating the program. Mr. Wolfe states, “In evaluating AGENDA for use in qualitative data analysis, it is discuses in terms of its ability to handle the basic tasks of qualitative research as well as satisfy the criteria against which field work methods should be assessed,” (Wolfe page 264). These criteria come in the form of recording, storage,
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