Quality Management in Bank Muscat

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Quality Management in Bank Muscat “’Quality is the degree of excellence, which a thing possesses”. Rowland-Jones & O’Brien (2005, p201) 1.0 Introduction In this assignment I am concerned about maximising the level of quality in Bank Muscat and the way of keeping the promise of meeting the standard that are reached and gave to customers and the people with whom company is dealing. It is easy to reach a specific standard but it is difficult to keep to that level especially with the different competitions that are faced from different factors such as other commercial banks in Oman and the International Standard of Organization (ISO). 1.1 An overview of BankMuscat(Sample Organisation) BankMuscat assets are worth over USD 8.5 billion,…show more content…
Deming believed that top management has overriding responsibility for quality. He was a strong advocate of the use of statistical techniques and the need for everyone in the organization to be familiar with them. 3.2 Quality and BankMuscat Top management of BankMuscat is committed to the development and implementation of Quality Management System and continually improve its effectiveness by establishing quality policy, objectives and review of quality management system at planned intervals. Top-level management shall provide evidence of its commitment to the development and implementation of the quality management system and continually improve the effectiveness by: a) Communicating to personnel of the organization, the importance of meeting customers as well as statutory and regulatory requirements b) Establishing quality policy c) Ensuring that quality objectives are established d) Conducting management reviews, and e) Ensuring availability of resources 3.3 Quality Policy in BankMuscat In BankMuscat, Quality Policy is to achieve and sustain a reputation for quality in the national and international markets by offering products and services that exceed the requirements of the customers. BankMuscat strive to remain the bank of first choice in all banking products and services. Towards this policy, BankMuscat objectives are: · Establishing and maintaining a quality system based in the most recent ISO 9002. · Continually reviewing our

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