Quality Of The Software Engineering

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This paper mainly speaks about the study of quality of the Software engineering papers and is related to the topic “Quality” in our present syllabus. Quality can be expressed in different way or aspects by different set of people. In this paper, they define about human-centric software engineering experiments to be studies of software engineering methods, techniques, and procedures that depend on human expertise. The trial configuration and factual strategies to programming specialists undertaking empirical studies. Nonetheless, performing a similar study based on papers from International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE) and Empirical Software Engineering and Measurement (ESEM) may be a fascinating point for future…show more content…
And they have restricted themselves to assessing the quality of journal papers and there were 14 papers appearing in the International Conference of Software Engineering (ICSE) in a specific time period. This has expanded the homogeneity of our arrangement of papers to the detriment of decreasing the consensus of our decisions. This paper is about to explore whether are there any increase in the quality of the papers in the field of software engineering which discovers the quality of the software engineering papers and are there any increase in the quality of human-centric experimental and quasi-experimental journal papers over the time period (1993-2010). And here the quality of software engineering papers are mainly based on three points. They are: a) The use of random allocation to experimental conditions, b) The use of single-blind versus double blind procedures, c) How dropouts were analyzed.
Summary of the Paper: The quality of the software engineering papers was calculated by answering 10 questions where nine questions are about the human-centric experiment/quasi-experiment and the last question is about the overall subjective assessment of the quality of the study. The scoring for the questionnaire vary from 0-3 for every question. Below are the list of the nine questions that are analyzed and marked for the quality of the paper. After a further research
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