Quality Practices Of Controlling, Leading, Staffing, Organizing, And Planning

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Work Place Management Practices.
Nancy Sounthornchote
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This paper will explain how excellent quality practices of controlling, leading, staffing, organizing, and planning are incorporated into the work place. It will also study the use of these different management applications in the work place. They will also specifically showing how five functions are incorporated into the work place. Implementing these five functions can only have huge benefits for any business that is willing to make changes. It was not noticed that the five functions were employed in the AT&T phone store where I worked in the past. This course made it well known that the AT&T manager was making good use of the …show more content…

Accomplishing feats will be available and attainable when all 5 functions are taken critically and made functional into the business as a group effort. (Reilly, 2011)
Planning is the first function; Managers make use of planning to choose suitable business objectives and make out the right strategy to attain their objectives. It takes vigilant planning to make any business run at its total capacity and achieve the objectives set. Implementing planning function is element of each function of management; it is the base to construct a fruitful business. With no careful planning, and structure, a business by no means survives. Our AT&T store manager presented a set of objectives in the plan that was protracted in great feature it was a plan of action, not just words to attain the objectives.
He allowed every person know planning was a continuing process and plans will take time to be implemented into the business. The Manager managed the proposals and was the overseer of the plans, however included all involved understanding the plan and making sure that they are completed successfully. He targeted the sales of the stores and made it known to all staff and also let everybody to give their feedback on how to achieve them. Communicating as a team receiving feedback on these objectives it was agreed as a team they are attainable.
The Manager executed the majority of the

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