Quantitative, Qualitative And Quantitative Methodologies

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Along with qualitative and quantitative methodologies in research, the trend of combining both qualitative and quantitative methodologies is widely used and increasingly articulated, attached to research practice and recognized as the third major research approach or research paradigm (Johnson, Onwuegbuzie & Turner, 2007).
As cited by Anaf and Sheppard (2007), Key in 1997 suggested the theory and meaning, qualitative and quantitative methodologies are distinct. A qualitative methodology’s focus of research is in its nature and essence. The goal of investigation of qualitative methodology is understanding, description and discovery. It usually involves small, non-random, and theoretical population. Data collection takes into account researcher as the primary instrument, and sometimes involve interviews and observations. The mode analysis of qualitative method is inductive which leads to findings that are comprehensive and holistic.
It was also claimed that a quantitative method’s focus of research usually involves how many or the quantity. The goal of investigation of a quantitative method is usually about prediction, control and confirmation. It usually involves large, random and representative sample. Data collection that are usually used are inanimate instruments, surveys and questionnaires. The mode of analysis is usually deductive and lead to a precise and reductionist way of findings as cited by Anaf and Sheppard (2007).
As described above, if by features

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