The Domains Of Professional Study At Henley Putnam University

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There are quantitative and qualitative methods in the realm of academic research seem to be the most relevant to the domains of professional study at Henley-Putnam University. These methods involve the collection of different types of data to help better understand the world around us. Quantitative research is associated with the hard sciences such as chemistry, engineering, and mathematics such as measuring items quantitatively can consist of observing the distance between planets as they revolve around the sun or recording the pressure within a closed container as heat is introduced to a particular liquid. In other words, quantitative methods allow for measuring one thing to compare against another known or unknown quantity to generate conclusions, sometime confirming hypotheses or creating new ones based on research outcomes. However, qualitative research is applied in the soft or social sciences, such as history, sociology and anthropology. According to Qualitative Research Consultants Association (QRCA), qualitative research seeks out the “why”, not the “how”, of its topic through the analysis of unstructured information. For instance, methodological discussions like how data is collected and analyzed. Qualitative research does not rely on statistics or numbers, which are the domain of quantitative researchers.
There is a debate between Quantitative and Qualitative methodologies to compare which is more appropriate or which produces better insight or which is best
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