Essay on Question to ask James Dashner the Author of Maze Runner

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1. I did some research about you, and I learned that you were actually a accountant for 8 years and because of your passion of writing you would write every Saturday to meet your writing goals. After working hard during the week and writing these long novels during the weekends, I have a question to ponder my mind. I want to know how you managed your time, social life, and family relation and still have time to do your passion and really what you like in writing?

The reason why I am asking this question is because we have so many things we like and passions in our life, but we are not able to do our passions and things that we like to do because we have to do our work, manage your family and stay involved in our social life. When we …show more content…

If you, the writer is involved in the movie there would be less variation between the story and the movie.

4. I don’t have many questions regarding to the plot and the story itself, because I really want to read the series, to get my questions answered instead of someone spoiling it. The question that I have is: Towards the end of the story, Gally returned back at the compound and killed Chuck. Are other characters that died in this book going to return in your ongoing series like Gally?

The reason why I asked the question was because I really want to know if the characters that died in the past are going to return back to life, later in the story. It just doesn’t seem right, how such a major character like Chuck would die.

5. When you are writing a story about a world that doesn’t exist at all, you have a chance to create a new world based on your imagination. How long does it take to create a brand new world and write a story that has in depth description like the novel the Maze Runner and what factors do you have to consider so your creativity doesn’t make you world a fantasy but something realistic?

When writing a story about a brand new world that doesn’t exist at all, it takes a lot of creativeness and takes time. I want to know how he plans and what factors he takes into mind when creating a brand new world. Usually when we have a lot of space for creativity we end up creating this world, that is not

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