Questions: Implementation of New System in Relation to Changes in Tasks of Employees

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Questions Uploaded Discuss some of the difficulties reported by employees related to the implementation of this new system in relation to changes in job task. What are the major benefits to the management of a criminal justice related organization having access to such a system? The integration of jobs tasks, under systems such as the Law Enforcement Technology Group (LETG), is allowing first responders to more effectively coordinate with each other. This is helping to streamline their ability to communicate and quickly deal with a variety of situations. However, despite the positive transformations, everyone is being forced to make adjustments. (Wesley, 2011) This is occurring through many employees failing to understand how it is enhancing the capabilities of law enforcement's reaction to various events. These challenges are creating perceptions that more must be accomplished in order to maintain and build upon the status quo. Yet, the system is able to perform various tasks, which often involved the individual having to manually reenter information. This is creating confusion about if updates are occurring and new responsibilities. (Wesley, 2011) At the same time, the booking process has been streamlined. This is taking place when an officer arrests someone and begins asking them questions that are normally conducted by personnel inside the jail. Under traditional procedures, these roles were often very limited utilizing the old database. This is problematic, as it
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