Questions On Conflict Management On The Workplace

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Conflict Management: How to resolve conflict in the workplace?
Mariann Wright
Johnson & Wales University

Conflict happens in any working relationship and it should not be avoided or ignored. Diversity is the cause of conflict in the workplace because in almost every organization there is different cultures and nationalities, and employees with different experiences, values, beliefs, and opinions. When conflict arises in the workplace it is the manager’s responsibility to resolve the issue as quick as possible. Unresolved conflict can cause havoc in the workplace and can have a negative effect on the business. Employees may feel like they are in a hostile environment which could lead to low employee morale, poor
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3.) Conflicts among direct reports or teammates- Leaders at almost every level have been awkward observers to conflict among partners (Fox, 2015). Your decisions are essentially to turn away or bounce into the shred (Fox, 2015). On the off chance that the contention is with individuals you direct, and you know they are not going to respond well, staying away from the contention is enticing however incapable (Fox, 2015).
In my second research article by Heathfield (2016), she provides actions that should be avoided when trying to resolve conflicts. She also provides ways to mediate and resolve conflict. According to Heathfield (2016) these are the things to avoid when resolving conflict: “Do not avoid the conflict”, “Do not meet separately with people in conflict”, and “Do not believe, for even a moment, the only people who are affected by the conflict are the participants.”
In mediating and resolving conflict:
• Meet with the participants together- Let each quickly compress their perspective, without remark or interference by the other party (Heathfield, 2016). This ought to be a short examination so all gatherings are clear about the difference and clashing perspectives (Heathfield, 2016). Intercede if either worker assaults the other representative (Heathfield, 2010. This is not satisfactory (Heathfield, 2016).
• Allow each participant to address actions they would like to see from the other party to resolve their issues. Limit

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