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BUS-512-03 - 15/SP/A Loredana Carson Hongna Kou Final paper Customer Service Improvements Customer service is a popular study and topic in recent decades. Today, with the development of technology and society, customer service is as important as product quality. Good service plays a very important role in the retail industry, which is reflected by convenience, integrity and caring during transactions. A hierarchical element structure of service quality which is based on five dimensions and twenty-eight attributes has been developed by Dabholkar (Martinelli , E., & Balboni, B, 2012). These five dimensions include Personal Interaction, Reliability, Physical Aspects, Policy, and Problem Solving. Not only the physical …show more content…

Researchers indicate that supermarkets should build positive images and prevent failures of service by utilizing a long-term strategy. This service strategy should pay particular intention to the implementation of service process and the setting of store (Martinelli, E.,& Balboni, B, 2012). Figure1. The competing model (Martinelli , E., & Balboni, B, 2012) Table 1. (Martinelli , E., & Balboni, B, 2012) So we conclude that grocery retailers form enduring relationship with customers by improving the quality of customer service. Then it will increase customers’ loyalty and expand the long-term business. Therefore, we suggest Vons to improve its customer service in many aspects. First, we suggest Vons use the problem-focused strategies, which include cognition change and situation’s modification, to deal with the customer’s problem. (Little, L. M., Kluemper, D., Nelson, D. L., & Ward, A.,2013). The emotion of customer service representatives would seriously impact customer emotion, which is called emotion contagion (Barger PB, Grandey AA., 2006). Published statistics shows that customer service representatives are verbally abused by customers about 10 times a day on average . So some customer service representatives who are subject to these verbal aggression may deal with a customer’s problem ineffectively and lead to damaging consequences. Therefore, we need to identify the harmful

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