Questions On Human Resource Information System

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I am currently working as a floor manager in Futong restaurant in Footscray. We specialise in providing the set menu for low to medium priced and focus on improving the sales by increasing the sales volume. The daily average turnover rate for the restaurant is $2500 and we aims to achieve the daily sales by $3500 per day. To achieve these we need to work as a supportive work team. Assessment 1 Human resource information system HRIS is essentially an integration of human resource and information technologies linked through specific software. It makes HR actions and process to occur through a computerised application. It has the following functions: o Retaining of staffs o Staff recruitment o HR administrations o Staff management o HR plans…show more content…
For example, an organisation that has more than 500 staffs, each of them get paid every fortnight, may require a whole department of staffs to calculate the percentages of taxes to be paid (tax withholding, super, Medicare, salary sacrifices etc.), allocations, deductions, sick leaves, holiday leaves, and other requests from each staff. One model in this HRIS can automatically calculate payroll data for all of the staffs simply by adding in the hours worked (for casual staffs) and whether there have been any leaves consumed during the this timeline. The managerial decision makings are also the important factor in selecting the different types of HRIS. For example, the company staffs are decided to perform some certain types of tasks according their trainings taken. Without the HRIS the manager should either remember the trainings that each staff has taken or manually design a report that lists each staff 's training situations. If someone else requests the data, they may need to consult with the line supervisors so that they get the information, and it can take weeks to get this information. A HRIS can be loaded with the staff training information for all the departments and will be able to create an up to date training report with a limited amount of timeline. A computerized HRIS is the information system that utilizes computers and monitors
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