Questions On Human Resource Information System

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I am currently working as a floor manager in Futong restaurant in Footscray. We specialise in providing the set menu for low to medium priced and focus on improving the sales by increasing the sales volume. The daily average turnover rate for the restaurant is $2500 and we aims to achieve the daily sales by $3500 per day. To achieve these we need to work as a supportive work team. Assessment 1 Human resource information system HRIS is essentially an integration of human resource and information technologies linked through specific software. It makes HR actions and process to occur through a computerised application. It has the following functions: o Retaining of staffs o Staff recruitment o HR administrations o Staff management o HR plans o Staff learning managements o Staff performance records o Staff self services o HR schedules o Staff absenteeism records o Workforce analysis o Staff re-allocation modelling o Staff grievance handlings HRIS can consist of a number of functions and modelling within just the single and simple software - one model for each major project actioned by HR staffs. One model can be designed receiving, scanning, emailing, and organizing job applications to make sorting through the potential job applicants who apply with each position within our company. Other models can help the company creating the organizational charts or planning to identify the replacements for staffs who want to leave or quit from their positions. The main functions of the
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