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Lesson Construction Template ELA8_SB_U5_L8 Introduction and Objective Plan, plan and plan some more. That’s basically what a good writer has to do. Along with deciding on a purpose and genre, a writer has to consider who will be reading the piece and how he will present the main idea. When you write an essay or paper, you too must think about these things. Link: Today 's lesson objective is: Students will identify and introduce the topic for the intended audience. Think about this for a minute. When you have to write a paper, how do you choose a topic? Sometimes a topic is given by a teacher, but other times you may be able to choose from a list or …show more content…

In this case, Tim’s audience is his brother. When planning what he’ll say, Tim has to think a little like his brother. He’s going to have, what feels like, an informal conversation – a chat. He’s going to tell his brother how he will benefit from fronting some money for the game. It might go into the conversation something like this: Knowing your audience when you write is extremely important. It affects your topic and how you present the information, right down to the words you use. Let’s say Tim, who works at a pizza shop a few evenings and weekends, needs to request a Saturday off for a soccer tournament. He has to leave a note for his boss. Now, is Tim going to write this request the same way he pitched the video game purchase to his brother? No way! This man is his boss. He’s an authority figure. Tim is going to be more formal, less conversational. If Tim tried requesting that day off in the same way he speaks to his brother, or even his friends, his boss likely would be annoyed and not even consider the request. He wouldn’t have spoken to his brother so formally. By knowing his audience, Tim’s conversation with his brother and letter to his boss fit the situations. Let’s see how well you know an audience. ELA8_B_5_8_ACT_1 Link: When you have to write, the majority of the time a teacher will assign you a

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