Questions On Open Ended Questions Essay

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There are many techniques to asking a question. Open ended questions where we are wanting many details from the person or closed ended questions where we simply just need a yes or a no answer. Funnel questions are where we need to weed out and focus on finding the exact information we are looking for. We need to Probe the person and really think about what we are asking for in hopes of getting a specific answer. There are also rhetorical questions where we don’t really need an answer at all. When asking a personal question it is extremely important to be considerate and use the proper method of questioning to get the best result. When we know the person is sharing something of a personal nature we want to ask an open question where they feel safe and encouraged to share what they feel comfortable sharing.

When the topic is that of a sensitive nature we don’t want to ask yes or no questions or risk being too blunt and possibly offend the person. We also don’t want to probe someone for one part of information we were after and become distracted or seem uninterested with the rest of the things they have to say. The idea is to be open, caring & empathetic. Everyone loves to talk about themselves, however, being able to assess the situation and knowing how far you can go with someone is a great skill to develop.

The questions I planned to ask were pretty basic. Where did you grow up? Who was in your family? If you could, is there anything you would go back and change about

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