Questions On Senior Management Team

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Assessment Criteria 4.2.1.
Explain the strategic purpose of:
School Governors.
Senior Management Team.
Other Statutory Roles eg SENCO.
Support Staff Roles.

The strategic purpose of governors is to be aware of how the school is perceived within the community, while also monitoring and reviewing the performance of the school, and supporting and challenging the head teacher. They are at the heart of how a school operates, help make decisions about budgets and staffing, and have input into the schools future direction.
Head teachers set out the schools aims, policies and procedures, in conjunction with governors, senior staff members, teachers and parents. They are also responsible for the day to day management of pupils, staff, and the school building and grounds.
Special Educational Needs Co-ordinators concern themselves with the needs of any individual pupil who may need extra help. Their strategic purpose is to monitor the ever changing needs of these children, to liaise with external agencies who may need to work with certain children within a school, and to draw up individual learning plans for each child, in conjunction with teachers, support staff and the child’s parents, guardians, or carers.
The strategic purpose of teachers are that they control the classroom environment, they can adapt lessons to accommodate the learning needs of all the children in their class, smaller groups, 1-1 sessions with support staff, and differing lesson plans for individual

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