Questions On The Data Broker Business Essay

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2 The data broker business is also called the information reseller or broker business. As a business it involves the collection of information about consumers and in return selling that information to other organizations in the market.The brokers are able to gather information about consumers from numerous public and private sources such as, website cookies, loyalty card programs and courthouse records. These brokers then create profiles of numerous persons with an aim of marketing and selling them to other potential businesses so as to aim at their advertisements and also unique offers. On the contrary many of these businesses are not able to adhere the ethical expectations in the global markets.In addition in the legislations today there is no act that requires the data brokers to share the collected information with the profiled consumers. In addition the data brokers business in the global market must or should ensure that they act as per the ethical expectations in the market. Data brokers have various responsibilities attached to them. First, they should be transparent and should show all the information collected on a consumer. Secondly, data should be classified in that the sensitive data should be given higher standards. Thirdly, the data brokers should know the source of data and a process o screening in order to ensure data purchased was gathered with choice and notice.To this extent therefore there are numerous main ethical theories that the business should

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