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I. Paragraph 1 – Key Metrics The following information is a recap of our key metrics from year 0 through year 6. Our SPI has grown 67% since year 1. Original SPI was 1,000 and ended at a SPI of 1,668 after year 6. We have experienced substantial growth in revenue in first 6 years. Original revenue was M$39 and ending revenue was at M$113. Overall, revenue increased M$74 in six years. Our Earnings Before Taxes (M$) was M$13 in year 0 and ending Earnings Before Takes was M$41. We had very strong results with Earnings Before Taxes increasing by M$28 from the beginning of Simulation. Team Monkey Total Market Share by units (%U) actually decreased from year 0 to year 6. Total market share was 25% in year 0 and 11%U of total market share at…show more content…
The original Value Share Leader and the Unit Share leader in year 0 was 25% for both categories. As of year 6, there were 10 Sonite Brands in the market and that is before Team Monkey launches a new brand. In year 0, 4 companies with 2 brands each made up the Sonite Market. Prices will continue to drop steadily with more competition and margins are likely to decrease as well. Original pricing of Sonite Brands in year 0 were between $250 - $500, now the pricing is in the $266 - $435 range. The Base cost now is ranges from 34% - 47% while originally the Base Cost was 28% - 32%. In the Vodite Marketplace, fragmentation has begun and will likely continue. Our Brand Mega, was the first brand in year 4 and 4 new brands entered the market after year 6.Based on the Market Forecast, the Vodite market will continue to grow substantially. After year 5, the Vodite was projected to $836.85 in thousands in the next 5 periods - an increase of $797. With increasing competition and fragmentation Research and Development and advertising will be critical in the coming years. Brands must be adjusted to meet demands of emerging market segments, costs must be managed to maximize margins, and messaging needs to be crafted & delivered efficiently to impact sales. III. 4 Ps, Corporate Growth, Business Level, and Product Strategies Product Strategy - With the remaining 3 years left in our simulation, I would recommend what the
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