Quicken Loan Perspectives

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The four perspectives in a balanced scorecard are, financial perspective, internal business process perspective, customer perspective, and learning and growth perspective. In the financial perspective area of Quicken Loans starts with them being a for-profit organization. In the financial perspective one of the main interests is shareholders interest. When looking at the shareholder’s interest there are two different categories they look at, revenue growth and productivity objective. To grow revenue of Quicken Loans they would have to work on developing new revenue sources by tapping into different markets. Along with that they should also be improving current profitability by increasing their profits from their current clients. On the other side, there is productivity objectives which are completed by the employees. This area of the financial perspective focuses on decreasing costs and resource optimization.

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The clients that are looking for a mortgage or a loan want to go to a firm that is organized and easy to work with, as well as having a good relationship with the community. Quicken Loans has this being the best mortgage and loan provider in the nation. They also have a very good connection to the community as well with their community outreach programs. Clients want to go to a company that helps people with more than just their mortgages.

The learning and growth perspective of the balance scorecard is all in the name. This perspective is the how a company can learn and grow from their previous business plans. In this perspective, the company needs to learn how to satisfy their client’s needs, improve business processes, and achieving financial goals. Quicken Loans is able to learn from each client that they help. Having the ability to learn from their customers gives Quicken loans the ability to help each client

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