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STUDY OF CONSUMER BEHAVIOR IN SHOPPING MALLS INTRODUCTION Marketplaces in urban demographic settings attract a large number of buyers and sellers, which can be termed as market thickness. The co-existence of many shopping malls with traditional markets in a marketplace causes market congestion. This problem may be resolved by developing small kiosks for transactions and allowing consumers to test out customised products and services from the main stores The growth of market share for specialised retailers and large departmental stores depends on the size of the consumer segment in a given urban population. It is observed that consumers’ buying preferences become more diversified as the extent of retail stores increases within a…show more content…
Myriad number of literatures is available which have identified various dimensions and concepts of customers‟ buying and consumption behavior. However, very few literatures are available which have described about the various constructs of shopping behavior and even fewer numbers of researchers have focused on Indian Consumers. According to Assael (1987), shopping behavior is the most unique for behavior which the consumers exhibit. Gifts, clothing, groceries, gifts and household items are some of the most common type of shopping which consumers indulge in a highly frequent manner. But according to Dholakia (1999), occasion and motives are also some crucial points which influence the consumers shopping behavior. For example, for some consumers, shopping is all about getting the best deal out of bargaining, for some (especially teenagers or the young crowd) shopping is a means of getting acquainted and interact more with others in a social context and for some it is a way of breaking out from the regular monotonous professional and personal routine (Reid and Brown, 1996). It is also possible, that the motives behind two consumers shopping at the same store could be same or different. Same motives may arise as when the customers look for convenience, shopping experience etc, whereas motives mat vary as a result of compulsion or by free choice. Compulsion


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