Race And Racism In The Colorblind Society

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Final Paper Color blindness is the notion that individuals live in society disregarding racial characteristics. In the functioning of color blindness, people are treated equally in regards to skin color, there are no distinctions, profiling, or categorization based on race. It is the belief that we now live in a colorblind society where race privilege no longer exercises or shapes the power it once did. Realistically, we live in a society that defines race and is defined by race, in turn makes the ideology of color blindness inaccurate. People who are “color blind” cannot change or fix the system because color blindness ignores the racism that deals with social structures. These individuals can only perpetuate racism, as it already exists. The perspective of the color blind defines racism as a problem of individual race relation and assumes individuals can erase racism by learning about races other than their own. It does not however, address instructional racism. After interviewing three successful African Americans, we learn how their personal experiences with racism varied throughout their lives and how being successful and Black has had no bearing on them being affected by racism. Most importantly, we are able to interpret their perspectives about why the color blind ideology is not credible. If we consider the American media, we examine the way in which they play on the “genuine” representations of race and promote the idea that we are a progressive society and are

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