Rafferty, Clarke, Coles, Ball, James, Mckee And Aiken (2007)

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Rafferty, Clarke, Coles, Ball, James, McKee and Aiken (2007) conducted a cross sectional analysis combining nursing data collected by surveys and discharge data collected from electronic databases. The study set out to examine the effects of hospital wide nurse staffing levels on patient mortality, nurse job dissatisfactions, burnout, nurse rated quality of care and failure to rescue (Rafferty et al., 2007). This study was performed in England, similar studies have been conducted in North America. Rafferty et al. (2007) collected nurse and patient data from 30 hospitals in England. Overall the data was collected from three different sources. The information about each hospital structure was obtained from administration database. Data from…show more content…
This tool has also been used by many authors in North America including Cimiotti et al, (2012) and Neff et al. (2011). Nurses also reported job dissatisfaction using a 4-point scale ranging from very satisfied and very dissatisfied. As far as the quality of care is concerned, nurses were given the choice to rate the quality of care being provided on their units as excellent, good, fair or poor. Nurses were also asked to rate the quality of care the hospital is providing has been improving, stagnant, or detreating (Rafferty et al., 2007). Some of the patient data obtained by Rafferty et al. (2007) was from hospital discharge records. Selected patients were between the ages 20-85 and had been discharged from the hospital in 1998 from one of the 30 hospitals selected. Rafferty et al. (2007) wanted to analyze, does having high nurse to patient ratio effect the care of patients that suffer complications while they are in the hospital. So failure to rescue (FTR) was examined by using logistic regression models to see the effect of nurse staffing on patient outcomes mortality and FTR. For data analysis, descriptive statistics were used to show characteristics of the patients and the nurses (Rafferty et al., 2007). The results from this study which was conducted in England had the same results authors have come up with in North America. Across the 30 hospitals used to in the research article, 3984 nurses responded to the surveys and questionnaires. A little more than

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