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During the college application process, as I was visiting schools, I was beginning to lose hope. I must have visited over 20 colleges before Ramapo and after leaving each one it left me with a pit in my stomach. Something was missing in each college. However, the moment I stepped foot on Ramapo’s campus, I felt at home. During the campus visit, I never once saw someone lonely. Each student acknowledged one another with warm hellos and smiles. It was peaceful to see how all the students knew each other by name. Today, I absolutely feel like a valued member of the Ramapo community. I realized that the school’s I had visited before Ramapo were not ideal because I felt lost. The campuses were too big and I knew that I would have never created strong …show more content…

Ramapo definitely lives up to my opinion of what it means to be an ideal college community. It is one where students feel like members of a family that supports them. It is a campus where students of different backgrounds, races, sexual orientations, etc. are treated equal and are not discriminated. Ramapo College urges students to break down social barriers and treat the campus as a safe space. An ideal college community is one that does not limit students potential. Ramapo College educates and includes students in the promotion of diversity through a wide range of clubs, courses, and events. Community building is highly emphasized from the start at Ramapo through seminars and first-year traditions that create strong bonds between people. On the other hand, Ramapo can improve students feeling of connection to the school by creating events that create trusting and caring relationships between professors and students. The majority of the events on campus are for student community building, but the campus needs to understand that professors are key members to our community as well. The school needs to provide opportunities for students to create friendships and a level of trust with their professors. Students are often unwilling to communicate with their professors on their insecurities, fears, and anxiety because they do not know them on a personal

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