Rao (2015) Acknowledge That Leaders Need To Accept The

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Rao (2015) acknowledge that leaders need to accept the risk and extend trust to a mixed cultural team. Once the leader demonstrates faith in the workers, the employees will offer their expertise to the group. This article provides an overview of the traits of inclusive leadership. Next, the paper analyzes leadership skills required to create an inclusive organizational culture. The essay transition to exploring leadership characteristics that influence an organizational culture. Last, the article discusses the best method inclusive leaders can apply when working with multicultural groups in a global environment. Traits of Inclusive Leadership
A Deloitte article (2016) highlighted six traits of an inclusive leader. The traits are
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Creating an Inclusive Organizational Culture
According to Vohra, Chari, Mathur, Sudarshan, Verma, Mathur, … and Gandhi (2015) an inclusive organizational culture is determined by the worker’s perception of inclusion and exclusion. Employees argue that their level of inclusion is distinguished by how they are accepted as part of the in-crowd within the organization (Vohra et al., 2015). To assist the employees’ acceptance, many organization form affinity groups, which help in bridging the different cultures and promoting a welcoming environment for the under-represented workers (Vohra et al., 2015). Also, the leaders must obtain the skills to recognize the differences in the workers’ culture, skills, and values while ensuring the proper structure and policies are in place to meet the organization’s goals (Vohra et al., 2015). The leadership style is also critical to creating an inclusive organization. The leadership style of the leader must be one that is open to input from the workers. Echols (2009) offered that the style of leadership must be one that empowers employees to make decisions without the feelings of repercussions. The leader must encourage the under-represented workers to provide input and share their skills, so the manager knows how to use them within the team dynamics (Vohra et al., 2015). There are certain leadership characteristics that are significant in fashioning an inclusive

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