Rap Music And Culture

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Music is typically a part of everybody’s day in some way shape or form. Whether someone is driving a car, eating at a restaurant, or working out in the gym, music is unavoidable. It comes in many creative forms and unique genres. Rap music, however, is currently one of the most popular music genres, and this fact can be proven by simply viewing music charts on iTunes or Spotify. Rap is extremely unique because it incorporates a variety of musical strategies and techniques into one song. Rap instrumentals, or “beats”, are often made by producers on computer software. With this software, producers have an endless supply of pre-recorded samples and sounds at their fingertips, and they also have the ability to create brand new samples using …show more content…

According to certain authors, it defines youth culture worldwide. What started in “the hood” with primarily African American interest has continued to take over the nation and impact other countries as well (Higgins, 2013). This is all thanks to rap music’s diversity among artists and adaptability among culture, which sets it apart from other genres, such as, country and rock. Whether somebody is black, white, male, female, Christian, or even atheist, rappers like Nicki Manaj, Eminem, Trip Lee, or Mac Miller will be sure to satisfy their musical …show more content…

There are rappers who understand that talking about sex, drugs, and violence is not the best way to pursue a music career. Some of these rappers have an indefinite positive influence on their fans and listeners in general. David Daniels (2015) talks about Lecrae, a Christian and a rapper who writes songs about his faith in Jesus and how he overcame his dark past instead of bragging about it, and Lecrae is just one of many. Artists like Lecrae could also be responsible for the obvious gospel influence that is evident in mainstream rap songs and albums. Perhaps popular rap songs and albums, such as, J. Cole’s Born Sinner, Kanye West’s Jesus Walks, and The Notorious B.I.G.’s Life After Death would not exist without lesser known artists like Lecrae giving them the confidence to place gospel influence into mainstream hip-hop (Daniels,

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