Rationalization And Sublimation Research Paper

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Jared Swiney University of Charleston PSYC 343 Dr. M. Spiker An Experiential Activity: Ego Defense Mechanisms (315 words) Due Date: 9/24/17 Rationalization and Sublimation Activity number one states to make my own definition for the words Rationalization and Sublimation. Rationalization is when you try to justify your behavior even if the reasons you’re giving don’t make any sense pertaining to the situation. When I was younger I used to do this. If I did something that I knew would upset my parents I would come up with some excuse to justify what I did even if I knew I was in the wrong. Sublimation is when you have an “urge” to do something hurtful or just negative and you turn that into something that is beneficial instead. I have done
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