Re Entry Program For Prisons

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Janna Mooneyham
Mrs. Kirchner
English Composition I
8 November 2015

Re-entry Program Prisons have been a way for us to remove persons of danger away from the rest of society, and it is the sole purpose. The prisoners are placed into a facility and they serve their time doing just it, nothing else. However, over time we began to initiate a new concept for prisons. Prisons can be used as a place to rehabilitate people and change the path which they have been following. We have given prisoners the ability to get an education, get work experience, get therapy, and get drug rehabilitation. There is a policy which has been debated upon however in this idea of reformation, and it is the parole policy for inmates. Even though parole has been around for a long time, and there is proof it helps lower recidivism rates, there are still people fighting against the re-entry program. While the program may have a few faults they are one which are on a local level, not with the program itself and it should be allowed to continue. The basic outline of the policy is as such: Inmates with a charge of one-year or longer have an option of being reformed back into society through the parole program but must be willing to change. After being released from incarceration, the parolee will begin the transition back into society while being under strict supervision by a parole officer. It is true some inmates do return back to a life of crime, but it depends on the circumstances of their release.…
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