Reaction Paper On Bullying

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Ryan was a 13-year-old boy who committed suicide amongst bullying. Initially, he experienced some developmental delays affecting speech and physical coordination in his early school years. He eventually overcame those delays but still struggled and school was never easy for him. When Ryan was 10 years old, he was bullying by a group of students at his school because of his learning disorder. His father first response was to ignore the boys because they were only talking at that point. Ryan moved up to middle-school afterwards and the bullying continued on and off for two years. Ryan told his father that the bullying had started again, and he asked for a Taebo Kick Boxing set for Christmas in order to learn how to defend himself. His father wanted to go to the school principal and sort things out, but Ryan wanted to learn how to fight, believing that complaining to the school about the boys would make things worse. After Ryan had learned to defend himself, his father told him not to pick fights at school. Ryan had a fight with a bully and after that the bully stopped bothering Ryan. At the end of 7th grade Ryan told his father that he and the bully had become friends. His parents said be careful because the bully had already been an enemy for a long time. Later on Ryan told the boy about an examination, and the bully used the story to spread a rumor that Ryan was gay. Ryan spent most of his time online which his parents weren’t warned about. He was cyber-bullied by

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