Reasons for Flu Immunizations Essay

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This paper is for the missing hours in my term 3 clinical due to our involvement of the flu clinic. The duration of the flu clinic was only eight hours long but our normal clinic hours are a full twelve-hour shift, which is why most of my class was short four hours. This paper will cover: reason for flu immunizations; how this affects public health; what our part was at the clinic; how to get the public to participate in flu clinics; different type of flu vaccines and the pros and cons of each; safety, screening, and precautions regarding the influenza vaccine; and procedure for IM injection. I myself always get the flu shot for my family and myself because I know how important it is to keep my family safe from catching the flu and getting …show more content…

There are medications to treat the flu, but these are expensive and not as effective as vaccination plus need to be started within 24-48 hours of the onset of signs and symptoms. And lets face it the majority of the public will most likely still continue on with there lives if the flu they catch is minor and this is how it is spread to the general public and therefore reach those who can not get the vaccine or are already immunocomprimised. The reason most chose not to vaccinate themselves and there families is mostly do to lack of information on the importance of the vaccine and how it stops the spread of infection to the at risk populations. Now how does this affect public health? It can affect public health if the majority of healthily individuals choose not to vaccinate themselves and their family members and then catch the flu and patiently spread it to the not so healthy population. Just because the healthy people do not care if they catch the flu because they can handle the illness and let it run its course with out affecting them too much does not mean they cannot spread it to individuals who could die from the spread of the flu. Vaccines are to protect the public who are at risk of disease and infection that could kill them. Vaccinating the healthy and uncompromised public population protects those who are too sick to get the vaccine and who could die if the spread of infection reached them. We

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