Rebecca's Make-A-Wish Research Papers

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A humanitarian cause that I am interested in is Make-A-Wish

My friend Rebecca almost died several times in her life. Children like her need the motivation to help fight for their lives. The Make-A-Wish program motivates children by granting wishes to those children who suffer from a deadly disease like my friend, Rebecca. Rebecca was born with two deadly diseases; Spina Bifida, and Turner’s Syndrome. Spina Bifida is a disease where a baby has a hole in his/her spine. Turner’s Syndrome causes shortness, heart defects, and infertility. According to Make-A-Wish’s website, their mission is to change the lives of the kids they serve. In 2015, Rebecca’s sister-in-law stated Rebecca was again seriously ill. Offering Rebecca a wish, Make-A-Wish bestowed it, and the family accepted the wish to give Rebecca a goal to motivate her to recuperate and leave the hospital. Make-A-Wish began in the 1980’s, and grants kids’ wishes every 35 minutes. The program has granted more than 180,000 wishes! I will talk about the first child, Chris, who asked for a wish, Rebecca's life, and about her wish. Here's Chris’s story.

In “How it All Started” on, it stated that Chris, who was seven at the time, developed a disease called
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Since Chris’ death, Make-A-Wish grants children’s wishes to motivate them to do their best to endure procedures and treatments. The program prompted Rebecca to get better. Rebecca, now about ten years of age, is healthier and improving. Rebecca’s doctors continue to monitor her health. Make-A-Wish motivates all children to try their best to live and recover: the best assistance any person could want. With the motivation of Make-A-Wish, Rebecca progressed much further than the doctors originally anticipated, and attends school with her peers, and plays T-ball. I am incredibly proud of Rebecca’s tenacity and
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