Receptionist Job Discription

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Task statements: Human Resources Receptionist | |To whom/what/action directed |How is action the action |Why is action performed | |What Action is being performed | |performed | | |Assist |Public/employees |Greet direct |Give information | |Process |Forms |Type |Process | |Review |Forms |Read |Correctness |…show more content…
Supply information regarding the organization, general public and employees, Key Responsibilities Answer telephone, screen and direct calls Take and relay messages Provide information to callers Greet persons entering organization Direct persons to correct destination Deal with queries from the public and customers Maintain Department Calendar electronically Type HR forms Filing HR Forms* Supervision Given/Received This position requires little to no supervision. This position is not union represented. Qualifiers Knowledge of general filing system and document filing Excellent English communication Computer skills Microsoft Office skills/experience Ability to file and retrieve files with 100% accuracy Ability to understand correspondence formatting instructions Excellent customer service skills Work Environment Traditional office environment. May be required to lift up to 20 pounds. May be sitting for long periods of time at

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