Reconsidering Remanufacturing Industries

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Remanufacturing has a low profile in world economics and is inadequately understood because of its relative freshness in research terms. However, environmental and competitive pressures are shifting the global and business environment and this is attracting interest in the practice. Balancing economic and social development with environmental protection is a key challenge in securing long-standing sustainability. Emerging sustainable approaches to manufacture is a critical global apprehension. Key measures towards this include active design for environment, for example by improving remanufacturing efficiency and effectiveness. Companies must design products for durability and ease of recovery of their materials at end of life, and must consider the business prospective of processing used products to harness the enduring value in their components.
The main features which must be considered while designing a product or component for remanufacturing are:
• Non-durable material that may lead to rupture during remanufacturing or to deterioration during use to the extent that product is beyond ‘‘refurbishment’’.
• Use of the technologies because of which it is not possible to disassemble the components properly leading to the damage of component during separation.
• Characteristics of the product which hinders the improvement as some banned substance or processing methods cannot be used.

With the remanufacturing of the used product, it can offer a range of sustainable

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