What´s Animal Testing The Most Dynamic Alternative?

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There are several alternatives to animal testing. One of the most dynamic alternative is using existing ingredients that have already been approved for safe usage. Companies that test their products on animals do so because they are trying to develop new products from neoteric ingredients, which need to be researched and tested in-order to insure the safety of the products.
Instead of developing new ingredients they could use the ample amount of ingredients that have already been tested and approved as safe for humans. While this might be a efficient and economical alternative to animal testing, there is always a market for advanced chemicals
(Humane Societies International [HSI], 2016). Another alternative to testing on animals is humans donating skin grafts or skin samples. An example of this is when women get a …show more content…

This provides a baseline for how chemicals and cosmetics will react with human tissues, which in fact could be a significant upgrade from animal testing. Additional alternatives dive deeper into technology as a possible answer to animal testing. In silico models (advanced computer modelling technique), and In-vitro models (sophisticated test using human cells and tissues) are two methods that could provide a greater in-depth look at cosmetic testing without the use of animals, but this new form of testing lacks the 3-D component that skin has, and needs further research of the

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