Recovery Options : Disaster Recovery Plan

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RECOVERY OPTIONS Disaster recovery plan consists of protecting and recovering information systems to resume normal business operations in the most cost-effective manner. A disaster recovery plan ensures that all business processes and systems can be restored to its original state. Personnel are critical to the recovery of the restoration of business processes; therefore it is essential to have well-trained staff that will remain calm during an emergency, realize the potential threats that may affect the normal business operations (Snedaker, 2007). Recovery staff must develop a plan with step-by-step procedures that can be safely implemented without jeopardizing their lives or the lives of others. Furthermore, a wide-ranging annual training program must be developed for all employees; documentation of all annual training will be maintained to ensure that everyone understands their respective roles in the recovery process. In addition, an audit trail should be maintained to document management 's training efforts (Snedaker, 2007). During the BIA a threat assessment should be conducted to determine the impact a disastrous event would have on the organization. According to Bosworth, disaster recovery scenarios are lists of specific threats that cause specific damage which is then categorized by the scope of damage it is known for. Once the characteristics of specific threats are known, then mitigation measures can be applied (Bosworth, Kabay, & Whyne, 2014). After reviewing
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