Recruitment Of A Senior Leadership

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The information provided in Unit Six relies on current human resource staffing and capturing survey evidence and feedback from May 1st, 2016 till May 22nd, 2016. The time frame used to collect data is primarily based around non-peak sales hours of UPS on sales professionals within the MidSouth District. The survey was sent, and asked to be completed during non-work hours by a small sub segment of the sales professionals within the district.
The purpose of collecting a large amount of data for consideration is to identify the targeted generational groups adequately and will provide particular topic areas for Leadership Training. Improving deficit leadership characteristics quickly and to the targeted generational profile is a primary objective of Leadership University. Furthermore, senior leadership will want to obtain information from the survey for future projects. Adequately anticipating questions outside of the initial survey scope is imperative to receiving senior leadership buy-in of Leadership University. Targeting the right sales professional to participate in Leadership University will effort favorable organizational paradigm changes.
Under the current job function, forty-six percent of the respondents are in a front line sales role as a Patch of Land or Senior Sales Professional. Twenty percent of the respondents are in a leadership role in the sales function. Having a mix of front-line sales professionals and sales leadership provides insight in viewpoints of
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