Arapahoe Case Study

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Roseann Rimocal
Araphoe Pharmaceuticals
Case Study Project / Presentation

Some of the key issues result from John’s inability to comprehend the difference between sales representative and a sales manager. He was overly enthusiastic about his position and disregarded Phil Jackson’s tips on how to be successful as a sales manager. Sales managers must be multi-taskers who plan, organize and lead the functions of all customer contact and ensures that these methods of contact maximize the profit and sales goals of the company which hires them. A salesperson is responsible only for his/her own territory – a sales manager is responsible for the entire sales force and their productivity and revenue that
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John could have interrupted and asked Dick for input on what he would do differently, or thoughts and comments on his ideas. Instead, he “jokingly” put Dick on the spot and embarrassed him, therefore leaving any valuable contributions from Dick virtually unknown, since he said next to nothing for the remainder of the meeting. Although John was joking, he was still well aware of Dick’s bitterness towards him.
SOLUTION: After the sales call with a physician, John finally confronted Dick after a snide remark was made from a client about Dick getting a promotion. John was very respectful, professional and cordial with his response, and they were able to identify the anger and hostility that Dick had towards John – which really was not towards John, but mainly towards the fact that Dick did not get a promotion. They talked about this issue and were able to settle their differences and improve their relationship. In the end, John realized that Dick was a vital part of the sales force and upheld high importance to the district’s success. John handled this with the best intentions in mind. He had the patience to go about business and attempt to ignore Dick’s words, but when it got out of control, John was able to identify the issue and find a resolution.
John’s overextended periods of time with Larry and training Peggy caused the above average sales
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