Recruitment Of Store Clerks At The Store

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Through my personal observations, one of the areas to ongoing effectiveness is the attentiveness of store clerks to assist a customer in locating a department or product in the store. In observing the behaviors of the store clerks on several occasions, they were always friendly, neatly dressed, knowledgeable about their departments, and willing to engage in conversations with the customers. My observations were positive in the attitudes and behaviors of the store employees in several encounters with them. The employees were productive, made certain the store was clean and neat, engaged with the customers, and provided assistance when approached. These actions demonstrated how employees adequately align and fit with the organization’s …show more content…

Through engagement in their ideas, solving problems, and commitment to customer service, they moved up in the ranks of the store. Also, she revealed Boscov’s provides a year-long executive training program, which highly motivated trainees focus on developing skills sets for problem solving, strategic thinking, and customer service (D. Bailey, personal communication, January 20, 2017). Through morning huddles, employees are encouraged to submit new ideas for actively engaging with customers and make suggestions for improving a shopper’s experience within the store. Therefore, employees can tap into the ownership tendencies with requests for new ideas and suggestions. In fact, taking ownership can lead to upper level management position opportunities for entry-level employees. An employee’s talent, commitment and accomplishments can lead to important career objectives and a potential to become a manager. Second, trust, engagement, and ownership can make certain many valuable policies, practices, and behaviors, such as collaboration, collocation, and team-based efforts. From my observations, witnessing teams of employees collaborating within each department from different backgrounds and different responsibilities has shown that employees have high morale and camaraderie. For example, I observed employees assisting customers with their purchases while their coworkers had to step away from the departments to either take a lunch break or

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