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“A Study On Recruitment Procedure Followed In Fresenius Medical Care (India) Pvt Ltd.” Chapter – I Introduction 1.1. Human Resource Management: Human Resource Management is the management of an organizations work force or Human Resource. It is responsible for attraction, selection, training and assement, rewarding of employee while, also overseeing organizational leadership and culture ensuring with employee and labour laws. The function was initially dominated by transactional work such as payroll and benefits administration but due to globalization, company consolidation, technological advancement and further research. Now Human Resource…show more content…
The prospective candidates are called for the interview and ask to fill the recruitment request form which contains their basic details like Name, Father’s Name, Date of Birth, Address, Academic Qualification, Professional Qualification, Experience etc... Anticipation and Planning: One of the major tasks of human resource includes anticipation and planning for future needs. They should plan for future unexpectancies also. In case of any un-expectancies like employees disablement, retirement, illness etc… those places need to be filled by existing or new employees and in case of surplus they should be equally distributed to the need areas and in case of shortage they should be made balanced either by recruiting or replacement. Sources: The Company follows both internal and external sources. Under internal source they prefer employee referral method where the existing employee refers their friends or relatives to the job and will be provided with some benefits. And in external source they go for private employment search firms (consultancies) and sometimes walk in interviews too. Interview Flow: Recruitment follows HR planning and goes hand in hand with selection process by which organizations evaluate the suitability of candidates. Once the source is been decided,
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